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Santu Larma is corrupt, not indispensable…. ready to take over, Karunalankar Bhikkhu, Foreign Minister of JSS Santu Group

Karunalongkar Dhaka: In an exclusive and explosive telephonic interview, New Delhi based Foreign Minister of JSS Santu faction (available at +91-11-25398383 or +91-7827813336) told d that he is ready to take over the leadership of the JSS-Santu group from Santu Larma. While replying to the CHTNEWS.Com Bhikkhu stated that “we have a command council at the central level in the JSS and it (taking ... Read More »

Torture in army custody: ‘The army tried to pull off my nails with a machine used by a mechanic’: Real Tripura

Rial Tri2 Victim’s interview 01/ 2014, Tuesday, August 12, 2014 Real Tripura is the office secretary of the Khagrachari Government College branch of the Hill Students’ Council (PCP). He appeared in this year’s HSC examination and is waiting for his result. He got involved with PCP while he was a ninth grade student at Gomati B K High School. On 8 August, Real Tripura was arrested from Guimara bazaar while ... Read More »