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Jumma girl kidnapped in Lama Wednesday, June 01, 2016 A 13-YEAR-OLD girl named Hlachai Marma reportedly disappeared on May 24 in Lama in the southern district of Bandarban when she went out of her house for a sleepover at her grandmother’s home. Her father Aungcha Pru Marma said he believed his daughter, a class eight student of Haragaza Junior High School, had been kidnapped, ... Read More »

Two Jummas wounded in settler attack in Alikadam Tuesday, April 19, 2016 A JUMMA couple was wounded when they came under attack by a group of fanatic Bengali settlers in Alikadam in the southern most Chittagong Hill Tracts on Monday, April 18. The attack took place after the bodies of three Bengali cattle traders, believed to have been kidnapped and murdered, were recovered in nearby Thanchi Upazila. ... Read More »

Settler attack on Jumma village leaves one house burnt in Alikadam Tuesday, April 19, 2016 A GROUP of rowdy settlers carried out an attack today on Masterpara village in Alikadam in the southern CHT district of Bandarban, setting fire to three houses and pelting Jummas with stones. However no one was injured in the organized settler attack. According to sources, the attack took place at 5 p.m, on Tuesday April ... Read More »

DYF leader, two others injured in terrorist attack in Nakyongchari Saturday, January 16, 2016 THE Democratic Youth Forum leader, Shubho Chak, and two others were injured when a group of miscreants let loose by land grabbers attacked them today in Sonaichari under Nakyongchari Upazila in the southern CHT district of Bandarban, a press release issued by UPDF and other sources said. The attack took place at 11:30am today, Saturday, ... Read More »

Settlers rough up Jumma woman for protesting land grabbing Friday, October 23, 2015 A GROUP of settlers on Wednesday beat up a Jumma woman, Mamaching Marma, 30, for protesting against the grabbing of her land and stealing away of bushels of banana from her plantation in Lama Upazila in the southern Chittagong Hill Tracts. According to sources, a group of 25 – 30 Bengali youths led by Md. ... Read More »

Jumma girl raped in Lama, Bandarban Thursday, August 20, 2015 A 16-YEAR-OLD Tripura girl was gang-raped in Lama Upazila in the Southern CHT district of Bandarban on Tuesday. William Tripura, president of Lama Upazila branch of Bangladesh Tripura Kallyan Sangsad, filed a criminal case against three Bengalis, including two employees of Lama Health Complex, under section 9(3) of the Prevention of Women and Children Repression ... Read More »

Attampt to rape a Jumma girl in Bandarban Thursday, August 13, 2015 A JUMMA school girl has been subjected to an attempted rape at Balaghata, an outskirt of Bandarban district town. The 15-year-old girl, a class nine student of Textile Vocational Institute, was returning home at 3 p. m. on Wednesday, 13 August, after attending private tuition classes when the attack took place. Her attacker, Amanullah, 32, ... Read More »

UPDF leader wounded in terrorist attack in Bandarban Saturday, May 9, 2015 BIKROM  TANCHANGYA, a leader of the UPDF in Bandarban, has been wounded in a JSS terrorist attack that also left a Bengali pedestrian injured in Balaghata, Bandarban. The incident took place at 6 pm today. Bikrom, 30, was in Kali Mondir area, a Hindu dominated area, when the assailants came in a motorbike and shot ... Read More »

Jumma girl raped in Ruma Saturday, January 31, 2015 A 16-YEAR-OLD Jumma girl was reportedly raped in Ruma of Bandarban district on Wednesday, 28 January. The victim, a class eight student of CRMH Residential School on the top of Keokradong mountain, was on her way to attend a cultural event organized by Bawm council when the incident took place. Her elder brother Lal Lung ... Read More »

BGB grabs land in Bandarban Wednesday, September 17,­ 2014 THE Border Guard Bangladesh grabbed 50 acres of land belonging to Jumma people in Old Krykyong Para and its adjacent areas under Hlapaikyong Mouza (No. 348) in Bandarban Sadar Union using forged documents. The BGB personnel have taken physical control of the land since 10 September and set up tents there. The land was grabbed in the name of ... Read More »