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The expropriation of common lands in CHT Friday: 2 August 2013 Commentary: On 28 January, at a meeting in Rangamati presided over by the Deputy Commissioner, it was decided to expedite the process of acquiring 84,542.42 acres of land under 22 Mouzas in Rangamati district for reserved forests. In fact, most of these lands have already been declared ‘reserved forest’ under section 20 of the Forest Act. ... Read More »

Kalpana Chakma abduction inquiry reports: protecting the perpetrators Wednesday: 16 January 2013 Commentary: At last we have now three inquiry reports before us – one by a commission headed by Abdul Jalil, a retired High Court judge, one by a police officer in Baghaichari thana and one by Criminal Investigation Department (CID), but sadly, none of these has been able to pinpoint the whereabouts of Kalpana Chakma ... Read More »

The rise of ultra communal forces in CHT Thursday: 4 October 2012 Commentary:  The ultra communal forces have reared their ugly head again. On 22 – 23 September, they indulged in an orgy of violence and destruction in the tourist town of Rangamati, and they did it in the presence of a huge contingent of police and army, who stood only as mute spectators. Newspapers splashed photographs ... Read More »

Rape of Jumma women: a tool of ethnic cleansing? Saturday: 12 May 2012,  Commentary:Issue 03: THE rape and murder of Sujata Chakma in Longudu has once again brought the issue of sexual violence against Jumma women to the forefront. The incident sparked protests throughout the CHT, resulting in the arrest of the culprit, Md. Ibrahim. But his arrest is hardly a guarantee that such incidents will not recur ... Read More »

The nuisance of the CHT Land Commission 6 May 2012 Commentary: Issue 02: THE general feeling in Chittagong Hill Tracts is, quite frankly, that Khademul Islam, chairman of the CHT Land Commission, has become a pestering nuisance. The sooner he quits (or is shown the exit door), the better. His autocratic manner of running the Commission has not only irked many but also complicated the land ... Read More »

Bangladesh government’s true colour revealed 25 April 2012 Commentary: Issue 01:  THE true intentions of the government have been revealed when Sajeda Chowdhury, deputy leader of parliament and convenor of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Treaty Implementation Committee, at a function at Bangladesh Shishu Academy said, ‘It is the country of the Bengalis. None other than the Bengalis can live here.’ She further said, ‘The ... Read More »