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Army conducts house searches in Gorgojjyachari
Sunday, November 19, 2017

THE army has conducted house-to-house searches in Gorgojjyachari village under Khagrachari Sadar Upazila, according to sources.

Two villagers were also detained but were released after a brief interrogation, sources added.

A group of army personnel led by Lt. Col. Mostaq Ahmed from Mohalchari zone conducted the searches early in the morning today.

The houses searched belong to Sukhomoy Chakma (65), Roza Dewan (60), Newton Chakma (40), Modaram Chakma (47) (he is a former member of the Bangladesh Army), Sonaram Chakma (45), Bosonto Chakma (45), Mojendra Chakma (46) and Chega Chakma (45).

The soldiers detained Jibon Chakma (39) and Prodotta Chakma during the search and asked them about yesterday’s ‘clash’ between two Jumma groups at Kamalchari.

They were released later.
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