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DYF leaders kidnapped by PCJSS-Reformist, arrested by army in Panchari
Sunday, October 22, 2017

Four of the six Democratic Youth Forum members kidnapped by PCJSS-Reformist group in Panchari on Friday were handed over to the army, who sent them to jail after bringing false charges against them.

The DYF leaders were kidnapped in three separate incidents, according to sources.

Buddharam Tripura, 39, vice president of DYF Panchari unit and the Karbari or head of Chotoraithoichai Para village in Latiban, was abducted at 8 a.m. on October 20 from College Gate area in Panchari.

He was on his way to Panchari bazar on a motorbike when members of the PCJSS-Reformist stopped and and took him away.

DYF immediately informed the local administration about the incident, but no action was taken to rescue the abducted members of the DYF.

In another incident, Biborton Chakma, a UPDF activist, was kidnapped by PCJSS-Reormist group from a tea shop at Shantipur, Panchari. However he was able to escape from captivity.

In the third incident four DYF leaders including a central committee member, Rupayon Chakma, were kidnapped at gun point from Pakujyachari at 4 p.m. the same day.

However Rupayon Chakma managed to escape from confinement, but the rest three – Sohoz Chakma, Nolen Chakma alias Somahar and Bimal Chakma – were handed over to the army after beating.

Narrating the incident to Rupayon Chakma said: ‘The kidnappers took us to Lotiban and confined us in a deserted house near Ripon Chakma’s house and beat us. Then they moved us to Monju Adam near Dutta Babu’s house where we were tortured again. They again shifted us to a place behind Panchari Pilot High School and bound us with our hands back with a rope. However somehow I was able to extricate myself and flee from there, just minutes before the army and police came and took the others away.’

Some of the kidnappers have been identified as Dipon Alo Chakma, 32, from Nolindra Para village, Ultochari UP, Panchari; Jolonto Chakma, 22, of Tarabonchara village under Lotiban UP; Kolyan Mitra Chakma, 29, son of Omor Chakma alias Jongi from Kilometer area, Lotiban UP; Riton Chakma, 38, from Kilometer area, Lotiban UP; Tito Chakma, 22, of Tarabonchara villae under Lotiban UP; Obhigyo Chakma, 19, from Tarabonchara village, Lotiban UP; Rubel Chakma, 20, of Tarabonchara village, Lotiban UP and Omor Chakma, 40, son of Hemo Ranjon Chakma from Lotiban village, Lotiban UP.

The arrested DYF members have been charged under the arms and explosives Act and branded as ‘extortionists’.

Aongay Marma, president of DYF, condemned the kidnapping and unlawful arrest of the DYF leaders and demanded that they be released immediately and unconditionally.

‘It’s a shame that the army arrested the victims of kidnappings, but took no action against those who committed the crime.’ he said.

‘This goes a long way prove that both the army and the PCJSS-Reformist are collaborating with each other to crush UPDF and its front organizations.’ he added.


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