Friday, 15 December, 2017
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Four houses searched in Khagrachari
Saturday, December 2, 2017

FOUR houses belonging to Jumma people were searched by army in Khagrachari town on Friday night.

According to sources, the soldiers in two pickups raided Footbeel village under Ward No. 9 in Khgarachari Municipality and carried out the search.

They entered the village through Chompaghat area, but the sources could not confirm which camp the soldiers belong to.

The army men accused the inmates of the houses of offering food to 10 – 15 ‘terrorists’ and asked them, ‘Where did they go?’

No incriminating materials were found during the search, which began at 2 a. m.

The houses searched belong to Chirokut Dewan son of Bimolendu Dewan, Mongol Dhan Chakma (60) son of Ratan Kumar Chakma, Mongol Jyoti Chakma (42) son of Rabindra Lal Chakma and Indu Bikash Chakma (50) son of Ratan Kumar Chakma.
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