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Policeman attempts to rape Jumma girl in Laxmichari
Friday, December 15, 2017

A POLICE constable reportedly attempted to rape a Jumma girl in Laxmichari under Khagrachari district on Thursday night, December 14.

The incident took place at 8:30 p. m. near UNO office when the 15-year-old, a ninth grade student, was walking back home after meeting her friends.

Anwar Shahadat, a police personnel from Laxmichari Thana, stopped and then tried to rape her.

But as the girl screamed for help other students rushed there and rescued her.

They also caught Shahadat in the act and took him to the police station after he identified himself as a policeman

On Friday, the Officer-in-charge of the police station held an emergency meeting with the local public representatives to discuss the matter.

The OC told them that Shahadat would be ‘closed from Laxmichari police station’ and transferred to district office as a measure of punishmen—————
News No. 32/2017

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