Santu group ousts two families in Jiptoli

News No. 127/2010, August 29, 2010

ARMED members of the Santu group ousted two families from their hearts and homes in Dullyatoli village under Jiptoli Union in Rangamati Sadar Upazila because one their near and dear ones has deserted the group and become an active member of the United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF).

This happened on 11 August when Santu group people led by Sunirmol Dewan and Dhana Muni Chakma alias Bhorot came to their village and ordered Biraj Chandra Chakma (65) and his son Swapan Kumar Chakma (42) to leave the village for good.

They had to leave the village the same day along with their whole family members, and have since then been staying with one of their relatives in Boalkhali, Dighinala under Khagrachari district.

They were forced to leave the village because Biraj Chandra Chakma’s son Tapan Chakma has become an active member of the UPDF.

He joined UPDF in April 2009. However, before joining UPDF, he had worked for the Santu group.

At one point he became disillusioned with opportunistic and destructive politics of Santu Larma and decided to leave him.



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