From captivity to house arrest

News No. 193/2010, December 19, 2010

Shubhoraj Chakma, 60, a member of Dumdumya Union Council in Jurachari under Rangamati district, has been reportedly put under house arrest after his release from JSS captivity.

The armed members of the Jana Samhati Samiti (Santu faction) released him from captivity on 13 December on payment of a Taka 50,000 ransom, but put him under house arrest in the village of Kandebochara.

He was kidnapped from Fakirachara bazaar on 10 December for allegedly supporting UPDF.

UPDF’s Shanti Dev Chakma urged the JSS leaders to release him unconditionally, and said, “It has now become impossible for common people to lead a normal life because of the terrorists let loose by Santu Larma.”

He lambasted the government for failing to take any action against the terrorists, and said, “The apathy and indifference being shown by the authorities is tantamount to pampering the terrorists.”

He called upon the government to take measures to arrest the armed loyalists of Santu Larma and bring them to justice.



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