Khagrachari admn denies permission to hold human chain

News No. 195/2010, December 20, 2010

THE Khagrachari district administration has refused to give permission to a Jumma organisation to hold a human chain in protest against torture of innocent villagers by police.

The Greater Khabangpujjya Social Welfare Committee yesterday sent a letter to the Deputy Commissioner, informing him that it would hold a human chain in front of Khagrachari press club to protest the beating of innocent villagers of Khabangpujjya including women and children.

The Committee also sought co-operation from the district administration.

But the district administration refused to allow the programme to go ahead.

The Additional District Magistrate put down his remarks on the blank space of the said letter: “Permission denied. The SP (Superintendent of Police) is requested to take necessary measures.” (Scanned copy of the letter and ADM’s remarks attached)

On 15 December, the police attacked members of the Hill Students Council when they tried to take out a procession at Swanirbhor area and arrested at least 40 Jummas including women and children.

The police also entered Khabangpujjya village, searched houses and beat up villagers indiscriminately. Even women and children were not spared.



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