Villager kidnapped by Santu group in Subolong

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
AN innocent villager has been kidnapped at gunpoint by Santu Larma loyalists in Subolong under Borkal Upazila in Rangamati district, sources have said.
Kolindu Chakma, 38, son of Horiram Chakma was snatched from his home in the village of Panchari Mono Adam at 12 noon today.
He was having his midday meals when a group of armed men led by Jongi, a Santu group commander, surrounded his house and took him away.
‘We don’t know exactly why he has been kidnapped. It may be that the Santu men suspected him to be a supporter of the UPDF.’ a villager told on condition that his named will not be mentioned.
Sachal Chakma, an organiser of the UPDF’s Rangamati district unit, in a statement condemned the kidnapping of Kolindu Chakma and demanded his immediate release.
Accusing Santu Larma of being a government collaborator (locally known as Dalal) the UPDF leader said, ‘Instead of launching a movement for full implementation of the CHT accord, the Santu group has kept alive the fratricidal conflict which has claimed hundreds of lives of the members and supporters of the UPDF.’
He urged people to resist terrorist activities of the Santu group.
News No. 126/2012.


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