Borkha party evicts a family in Manikchari

Sunday, March 03, 2013
AN INNOCENT Jumma family has been evicted by military-backed Borkha Party terrorists in Manikchari, Khagrachari.
According to villagers, the Borkha Party had been threatening Chomokya Chakma, 46, the Karbari or chief of Dojori village.
On Saturday (2 March), the terrorists phoned and asked him to see them in person, but he refused and went into hiding, fearing for his life.
Enraged, the Borkha men raided his home at 6am today, Sunday and drove his wife and children from the village.
Behind all this is a murky deal between the Borkha Party and Md. Jamal, a land thief, who has been trying to grab 60 acres of land belonging to Jumma villagers in Dojori in the name of Maiz Bhandar Sharif, a Muslim shrine.
Chomokya Chakma has been vocal against this and many believe that Jamal might have bribed Borkha Party terrorists to oust him.
News No. 28/2013.


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