Babuchara BGB attack: Court sends 6 Jummas to jail

Monday, June 16,­ 2014

A COURT in Khagrachari has sent 5 Jummas accused in a case filed by BGB in Dighinala, including two women, to jail, and placed a minor girl, also accused in the same case, in police safe custody.

The police produced three women and a girl, wounded in BGB-police attack at Babuchara and who were undergoing medical treatment at Khagrachari Sadar Hospital, before the Cognizance Magistrate court in the afternoon today.

Advocate Ashutosh Chakma, who is also accused in the same case, submitted bail petitions on their behalf. But Abul Mansoor Siddique, magistrate of the Cognizance Court, granted bail for only Gopa Devi Chakma.

The court denied bail to her 16-year-old daughter, Apsori Chakma, and two other co-accused, Maya Rani Chakma and Phulo Rani Chakma.

The court ordered that Apsori Chakma be placed in police safe custody, and Maya Rani and Phulo Rani be sent to jail.

Both of them sustained head injury and were having difficulty standing at the court.

According to court sources, they were so weak and frail that they were having difficulties standing at the court. “They were sitting down again and again on the floor”, a Jumma lawyer who was present at the hearing told

He said that section 497 of the Criminal Procedure Code, under which charges were brought against the accused, is non-bailable, yet in some specific cases the court can grant bail under this section.

“If the accused is a woman or old or physically unfit or ill, the court can grant bail.” he said, adding that he was surprised that they were denied bail although they qualify for all these conditions.

“First of all, they are women; secondly, they are old and thirdly physically ill”.

It is to be noted that earlier on 13 June, the court had ordered the husbands of these two women to be sent to jail, after they were produced before the court. The police had arrested them from Khagrachari Sadar hospital gate when they went there to see their wounded wives.

In another hearing in the morning today, the court granted bail for one of the accused in the same case, while denying it to three others.

According to court sources, four of the 250 accused appeared before the court today in Khagrachari and appealed for bail.

But the court denied bail for Mohendra Chakma, 70, Nidhu Ram Chakma, 55, and Natun Chandra Chakma, 60.

However, the court granted bail to Rabi Joy Chakma.

“It is difficult to understand why the court granted bail for some of the accused and denied to others, although all of them are accused in the same case.” a lawyer told

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