BGB attack in Babuchara: Court again rejects women’s bail plea [revised]

Sunday, June 22,­ 2014

THE Cognizance Court of Khagrachari has again rejected the bail pleas of the two Jumma women and the minor girl who were arrested following the 11 June BGB attack on protesters in Babuchara, according to court sources.

Magistrate Saiful Alam Chowdhury refused to grant bail to Maya Rani Chakma, 55, Phulo Rani Chakma, 45, and 16-year-old Apsori Chakma when their lawyers Ashutosh Chakma and Abdul Malek Mintu made a plea for bail.

This was the third time the court rejected their bail requests, although their co-accused Gopa Devi Chakma had been granted bail on 16 June. (The second time their plea for bail was rejected was on 18 June.)

The court also ordered Apsori Chakma to be sent to Hathazari Samaj Seba Kendra pending trial.

Both Maya Rani Chakma and Phulo Rani Chakma are physically sick as both of them were badly hurt during the BGB attack.

The women were arrested while undergoing treatment at Khagrachari Sadar Hospital.

Their husbands Pradeep Chandra Chakma, 60, and Shneha Ranjan Chakma 55, are also languishing in jail. Both of them were arrested on 13 June from Khagrachari Sadar Hospital gate when they went there to see their wounded wives.

News No. 40/2014


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