Buddhist monk threatened by Manikchari UP Chairman


Monday, July 06, 2015

MANIKCHARI Union Council Chairman Abul Kalam has threatened Ven. Bodhi Ratna Bhante, a Buddist monk in charge of Pragnabhumi Shantipada Meditation centre, to take action against him for trying to defend his temple’s land against encroachment by illegal Bengali settlers.

According to local sources, on Sunday morning (5 July), the Jumma villagers of Bokripara and Monadongpara in Manikchari, Khagrachari began building a temple in their land.

But when the settlers tried to stop them with the help of the army, a tension was created between the Jumma villagers and the Bengali settlers.

Hearing the news of the tension, Abul Kalam rushed to the spot and began arguing with the Bhante, who was overseeing the construction of the temple.

After being unable to defeat him in the argument, Abul Kalam threatened the monk, saying ” There was peace in the area until now. It has gone away since you came here. All these things are happening because of you. If any untoward incident happens today or in future, I will take action against you.”

In reply to his threat, the monk said, ‘ No. peace has gone away since the planting of mango sapling in our land by Bengali settlers. They are the trouble mongers.”
News No. 105/2015


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