Ex-UP Chairman arrested in Maischari


Wednesday. July 29, 2015

THE army on Wednesday arrested Bishwajit Chakma,45, an ex-chairman of Kiang-ghat Union, from Maischari bazaar after secretly planting a rickety gun in his office.

The former chairman has a plot at Maischari bazar which he uses as his office once a week when he comes to the market.

It was a market day on Wednesday and he sat at his office as usual. At 10 a. m. a group of army personnel from Bizitola camp entered his office in the name of search and found a rickety gun they had secretly planted earlier.

The army also detained another Jumma named Mera Chakma (32) son of Reboti Chakma of villege East Manikchari, but released him later.

According local sources, the Bengali settlers have been trying to occupy his plot at bazaar for a long time.

Only a handful Jummas have plots at Maischari bazaar and these have  become a eye-sore to the settlers who want to turn Maischari bazaar into a bazaar exclusively owned  by Bengalis.

Moreover, Bishwajeet Chakma has always been local against land grabbing by illegal Bengali settlers and the army in the area.

Therefore, the Jumma people believe that his arrest was a part of a deep conspiracy to oust him from Maischari bazaar and to subdue him.

News No.119/2015


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