Jumma minor sexually assaulted in Laxmichari


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

AN 11-YEAR-OLD Jumma child was sexually assaulted by a Bengali youth yesterday in Laxmichari, Khagrachari.

The incident took place at Morachenge Mukh area at 1:30pm on Tuesday.

According to sources, one Md. Abdul, 27, son of Azgor Ali of Lekuapara, Manikchari was on his way to Jatindra Karbari Para in Laxmichari carrying iron bars for the construction of Gobmara Primary School on a CNG-run three wheeler.

At Morachenge Mukh he found the child walking on the road alone. He picked her up and after driving a few distance pulled over at a lonely place and molested her.

After reaching Jotindra Karbari Para the child informed others about what Abdul did to her.

He was given a sound beating, and then at an arbitration attended by a Upazila vice chairman and elders from both Jumma and Bengali communities he was fined with Taka five thousand.

In addition, he was also asked to pay Taka 15 thousand as compensation to the victim.
News No.155/2015

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