Settlers try to grab land in Mahalchari

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

THE Bengali settlers tried to build houses in Kajoi Karbari Para, west of Chongrachari Joutha Khamar-para in Mahalchari, Khagrachari, provoking unrest in the area, according to sources.

They said a group of Bengali settlers from Chongrachari on Sunday (3 January) entered the said land and began constructing houses.

Army and police personnel were present there, but they did nothing to prevent them, the sources added.

Later when the local Jumma villagers protested, the police ordered both sides to maintain status quo and asked them not to re-enter the land until the issue is settled on Wednesday.

The police said the UNO would settle the dispute on Wednesday after consulting with both the Jumma and Bengali people.

Although the land the settlers are trying to occupy is said to lie within the jurisdiction of the Forest Department of the government, there are sizeable Jumma settlements and their paddy lands contiguous to it.
News No. 05/2016:


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