Settler attack leaves many Jummas injured in Matiranga

Sunday, February 21, 2016

AN ORGANIZED settler attack has left about a dozen Jumma people injured in Matiranga in Khagrachari district, sources say.

Among the injured is an 18-year old student named Uchimong Marma, son of Aungyo Jai Marma from Mongla Para in Laxmichari Upazila, who was travelling to Khagrachari along with his friend Mong Sano Marma.

A second year student of Khagrachari Government College, Uchimong was on way to Khagrachari when the settlers stopped the bus carrying them at Matiranga bazaar, pulled them down and beat them severely.

Both of them have been admitted to Matiranga Health Complex with multiple injuries, sources have said.

Mong Sano Marma, of the same village in Laxmichari, who was at first thought to have gone missing, was taken to police station, before being admitted to hospital for treatment.

The identity of the other injured Jummas could not be immediately known.

The settlers carried out the attack after the dead body of a motor bike driver, Azizul Hakim, was recovered in the morning today from a jungle near a tourist spot Richang Zharna at Alutila, about 10 kilometers south-west of Khagrachari town.

In reaction, the settlers gathered at Matiranga bazaar at noon, forced people to shut their shops, blocked Khagrachari – Chittagong road and attacked the Jummas, unreasonably laying the blame for Azizul’s death on them.

The settlers also chanted anti-Jumma slogans and vandalized vehicles during their rally and march which they held as a warm-up exercise shortly before the attack.

UPDF leader Pradipan Khisha in a statement has condemned the attack and demanded that those involved in it be brought to justice.
News No.12/2016


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