Boisabi programme cancelled due to army intervention in Sajek

Monday, April 11, 2016

THE army’s undue interference and increased oppression have forced the people of Sajek to cancel programmes taken up to celebrate the traditional Boisabi festival.

The organizers of the Sajek Boisabi Festival Celebration Committee took the decision to cancel the programmes yesterday.

‘We have taken the decision because the army has stepped up its interference in our programmes’, one of the organizers told, adding that the decision was a kind of protest against unwarranted and undue interventions of the army in our business.

He said the committee had a plan to organize traditional sports events including wrestling and cultural shows before holding a prize-giving ceremony marking the end of the programmes.

‘The programme was to set off on April 08, but as the army took away two of our fellow villagers the festive mood changed to a gloomy one, and we decided to postpone the inauguration of the programme for the day,’ he said.

The two men were eventually released after torture in Baghaihat zone, and the next day the committee held traditional sports events such as ghila khara and Nadeng khara.

The programme was to end with a prize-giving ceremony today.

‘But the army told us that we must organize the prize-giving ceremony under the banner of the Baghaihat zone, invite the zone commander to attend the ceremony and ask him to distribute the prizes to the recipients.’ the organizers said and added that ‘it was too much to shallow and that was the reason why we cancelled the programme.’

They said they were left with no other alternatives than to cancel the programme altogether.
News No.30/2016


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