Jubo League, Chattra League attack leaves 3 Jumma injured in Kaokhali


Saturday, June 04, 2016

AT least three Jumma people were injured and several shops belonging to them were damaged when members of the Jubo League and Chattra League, two front organizations of the ruling Awami League party, attacked a Jumma neighbourhood in Kaokhali Upazila headquarters today.

Fifteen to twenty men led by Nazim Uddin, general secretary of the Kaokhali Jubo (youth) League, carried out the attack at 7:40 pm after the close of voting in the sixth phase UP elections.

The attack left two shopkeepers and another Jumma villager injured. They have been identified as Mong Sanu Marma, 25, Aung Hla Ching Marma, 23, and Memong Marma, 19.

The attackers also vandalized several shops including Aung Sainu Store, Biplob Chakma Store, Ruithui Marma Store, Ushaton Chakma Cooling Corner, Bimal Chakma Store and Paching Marma Store and an election office of Jagadish Chakma and Ushaina Marma.

When the Jummas tried to resist, a group of army personnel rushed there and charged baton on them, instead of taking actions against the attackers.

The Jubo League and Chattra League goons attempted another attack at 8:45 pm, but the Jumma residents resisted them successfully.
News No.46/2016


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