Army conducts searches in Ramgarh


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

THE army conducted searches in Toichakma area under Patachara Union in Ramgarh Upazila on Monday, 5 February.

Soldiers from Guimara zone went to Toichakma in two military vehicles at 5 p. m. and searched two shops and frisked people for weapons.

They also tore down posters and festoons put up on the occasion of the 19th founding anniversary of the UPDF.

The army men stayed at a local school for the night and then the next morning went on to tear down UPDF posters and pulling down festoons in several other spots, such as Belchari, Gujapara, Morakoilya and Kalapani.

In Batnatoli and Gujapara, several villagers and a mendicant named Upananda Bramhachari, 48, were subjected to mass physical searches.

News No. 21/2018


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