Army, police attack women’s rally in Guimara: 3 arrested, released later

March 9, 2018, Friday

THE army and police attacked a rally organized by the Hill Women’s Federation at the gate of Guimara Government High School on the occasion of International Women’s Day yesterday in Khagrachari district.

‘We were holding a rally peacefully when the army swooped on us at 10:30 a. m., trying to arrest male participants’, Dwitia Chakma, president of HWF Khagrachari district unit, told

The army was later joined by police, but the Jumma women tried to resist the arrest.

Later the women agreed to cease their agitation on the condition that the police would release the arrested three persons from the police station.

The police kept its promise and released them at 3 p. m.


News No. 30/2018


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