Monday, 22 January, 2018
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Primary schools in CHT: must be nationalised

Newage logoThe nationalisation of 228 non-government primary schools in the Chittagong Hill Tracts being uncertain because of land registration process appears to be another pointer to the ruling quarters’ apparent indifference towards national minority groups living in the hill districts. According to a report New Age published on Saturday, for the third phase of nationalisation, schools need to have 30 decimals of land either registered or leased before May 24, 2012. It also needs to be pointed out that problems resulting from intricacies in land registration process have not been compounded by the schools in the hill districts. The responsibility of registering the land lies with the land administration. It is also pertinent to note that when this kind of exigencies occur, a section of the land administration department begins to foot-drag over the issue to create obstacles. However, as quoted in the report, ‘because of a long, complicated land registration process in the Chittagong Hill tracts,’ the registration of the land for these schools could not be accomplished by the deadline. …………

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