Settler woman reportedly raped in Khagrachari


Wednesday, October 10, 2012
A SETTLER woman labourer has been reportedly raped in Kamalchari Union, five kilometers from Khagrachari district headquarters, reports Prothom Alo.
The incident took place yesterday at about 1pm.
Quoting the victim, aged 34 and a resident of Bhuachari cluster village, the paper said she worked as road sweeper under work for food programme in Kamalchari Union. On the day of incident, she was on her way home after work when a youth gagged her mouth from behind at Sobhan Tila area near Bhuachari cluster village. The man took her into jungle and then raped her. mentioned her name as Shamshunahar, 32 wife of late Fazar Ali.
The website claims that she was raped by a ‘Upajati’ youth.
Badrul Islam, a medical doctor of Khagrachari hospital, told Prothom Alo, ‘A woman from Bhuachari has been admitted and she is being treated on the basis of the information she has given to us. If there is any allegation of rape, then she will be examined tomorrow.’
He said the wound she sustained on her forehead was not serious.
News No. 109/2012.


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