Santu group man killed in armed encounter in Rangamati

Tuesday, October 23, 2012
A MEMBER of an armed group belonging to JSS (Santu faction) was killed in an encounter yesterday evening at Uluchara near Vedvedi of Rangamati town.
Five others were also arrested by the army following the armed clash that left two other JSS members, including the group’s commander, wounded.
A resident of Uluchara told, ‘The army and Ansar personnel fired incessantly and bullets were falling like rain. I was scared out my wits.’
He added that the armed gang had just returned from an operation into a UPDF dominated area and ordered the villagers to prepare meals for them.
The area where the fighting took place is only a few hundred yards from Vedvedi para-military Ansar camp.
The army also recovered an automatic weapon, live rounds of bullets and an ammunition pouch along with the dead body during the search of the area.
According to a source, the arrested JSS men have been identified as Dipto Marma, Subash Chakma, Anik Chakma, Gopal Tripura and Dala Chakma.
News No. 116/2012.


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