Santu group man injured by his own pistol

Wednesday, June 25,­ 2014

AN ARMED member of Santu group, Polok Taluker, has been wounded when the trigger of his pistol was accidentally pushed during a motorbike accident.

According to sources, four members of Santu group, including Polok, came to Babupara in Baghaichari Sadar of Rangamati district in two motorbikes on Tuesday night and lay in ambush for their opponents the whole night.

As their enemy did not turn up, they came out of ambush at 6am on Wednesday, but their motorbike soon met with an accident while returning to their base area.

Polok fell on to the ground and the trigger of his pistol that was stuck in his trousers at the waist was pushed and the discharge from the gun hit his leg.

Polok is one of the 52 Santu group members and supporters who were seized by its opponents in Langudu in February last year but were released a few months later on the condition that they would not join the group.

But he did not keep the promise, like many of them, and joined an armed gang loyal to Santu Larma.

Before the CHT Accord, Polok was a member of the now-defunct Mukhosh Bahini, a military-backed vigilante group, which was created to counter the rising popularity of the Hill Students Council.


News No. 43/2014


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