Settlers attempt to grab land in Maischari

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

THERE have been attempts to grab lands in Maischari Union of Mahalchari Upazila by Bengali settlers, according to sources.

On 6 September, a Bengali settler named Md. Anwar, 26, son of Mujibul Islam from Joysen Para built a house on lands belonging to Moti Lal Chakma, 55, son of late Nagendra Chakma in West Manikchari, Maischari Union. Anwar is trying to grab his 3-acre teak plantation.

When Moti Lal lodged a complaint, the Mahalchari UNO, the OC and the 2-IC of Mahalchari zone visited the spot. The UNO asked both the parties to maintain status quo, but no Bengali representative was present when he said this.

On the same day, i.e. 6 September, another settler named Md. Abu Sayeed from Joysen Para built a house on Chikan Dhan Chakma’s land in West Joysen Para. He has an estimated 3 acres of land in his possession.

On 7 September, Md. Ershad and Md. Phul Mian from Joysen Para tried to grab 2 acres of land belonging to Bhaga Dutta Chakma, 45, a member of Maischari Union Council and resident of West Kiyang-ghat.

The settlers cleared jungles and leveled earths to build houses there.

Bhaga Dutta told that he had informed police about the matter.

‘A team of the local administration is expected to visit the area today to inquire about my allegation.’ he added.

Local Jumma villagers have alleged that Maischari Awami League president Md. Gias Uddin is instigating the settlers to grab Jumma’s land in the area.
News No.144 /2015

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