Army arrests two PCP leaders in Kaokhali

Sunday, September 13, 2015

THE army has arrested two leaders of the Hill Students’ Council (PCP) in Kaokhali, Rangamati.

According to sources, Kongchai Marma, president of PCP Kaokhali Thana branch, and Kasi Aung Marma, a member of PCP Kaokhali College unit, were arrested in the morning today while they went to Poapara High School to collect donations for their rally to be held on 17 September to mark the National Education Day.

A group of army personnel led by Sergeant Qamrul from Kaokhali army camp arrested them.

Both Kongchai and Kasi Aung are 12th grade student of Kaokhali College. They were taken to Kaokhali camp, sources added.
News No.146/2015

Read Bengali version of this news here


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