Nine Jummas tortured at Baghaichari army camp

Saturday, September 19, 2015

THE army on Saturday tortured nine Jumma villagers after taking them to Korengatoli army camp in Baghaichari, Rangamati, according to sources.

All of them were released later in the afternoon, except one, Ripel Chakma, who was injured seriously from the beating.

The tortured Jummas also included an elected public representative.

The arrest and torture of the innocent villagers has its origin in a scuffle between a Bengali cattle trader, Nuru Hossain of Baghaichari Muslim Block, and Nanacha Chakma, a resident of Korengatoki Mukh village.

According to sources, Nuru had been to Korengatoli Mukh village with Nanacha Chakma to buy cows for Eid ul-Ftr.

But there they were locked in a squabble over the payment of money and soon it escalated into a scuffle between them.

After the incident, Nuru went up to Korengatoli army camp and reported his one-sided version of it.

Without verifying his allegations independently, Major Selim, who heads the camp, marched to the village with his troops and caught nine villagers including Nanacha Chakma.

The soldiers took them to the camp as they beat them with sticks and rifle butts. They were also tortured at the camp.

The tortured Jummas have been identified as Chittia Chakma, 25, son of Tibujya Chakma; Uttam Kumar Chakma, 42, son of Hori Lal Chakma (Uttam is a UP member); Junu Moni Chakma, 26, son of late Purni Moy Chakma; Tapan Chakma, 18, son of Dipankar Chakma; Ripel Chakma, 26, son of Sanchay Chakma; Sonakkey Chakma, 26, son of Tukuruk Chakma; Morotto Chakma, 28, son of Purna Kumar Chakma, Nanacha Chakma, 32, son of Mongol Kumar Chakma and Kalaya Chakma, 32, son of Shanti Chakma.

The army released eight of them to the elected public representatives and village elders who went to the camp to make a protest.

But the army kept Ripel Chakma at the camp, saying he needed medical treatment.

News No.151/2015

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