DYF leaders’ houses searched again in Baghaichari


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

THE army on Monday night searched the houses of three Democratic Youth Forum leaders in Baghaichari, Rangmati, barely three days after a similar search on Friday.

According to sources, on the night between Monday and Tuesday, at 1 a.m., army soldiers from Korengatoli camp raided and searched the house of Chikke Dhan Chakma, finance secretary of DYF central committee and an elected member of Bongoltoli Union Council, at B-Block village.

Thereafter, the army men extended their raid to C-Block and carried out searches in the houses of Jyotirmoy Chakma, general secretary of DYF Baghaichari branch, and Bimal Kanti Chakma, organizing secretary of the same branch.

The soldiers looked for them and threw things around in the houses.

The soldiers failed to arrest any of them and then left for their camp after threatening their family members to arrest them.

The searches come barely three days after a similar search of their houses on Friday.

Incidents of army raids and arrests and tortures of innocent people have increased in Baghaichari.

In another recent incident, on 19 September, the army raided a village, took away nine Jummas to the camp and tortured severely.

In protest, the people of Bongoltoli Union announced a boycott of Korengatoli bazaar for an indefinite period.

Korengatoli army camp is commanded by Major Selim, notorious for anti-Jumma hatred.
News No.152/2015

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