Settlers rough up Jumma woman for protesting land grabbing

Friday, October 23, 2015

A GROUP of settlers on Wednesday beat up a Jumma woman, Mamaching Marma, 30, for protesting against the grabbing of her land and stealing away of bushels of banana from her plantation in Lama Upazila in the southern Chittagong Hill Tracts.

According to sources, a group of 25 – 30 Bengali youths led by Md. Selim and Md. Saiful went to Tiarzhiri, a Marma village, under Rupashi Para Union at 9:30am and claimed two plots of land belonging to Uthoai Hla Marma and Mong Mong Ching Marma to be their own.

They showed a forged document to the Headman of the area in support of their claim.

Then the settler youths immediately set at work cutting down the trees in Uthoai Hla Marma’s land and began taking away bushels of banana from there.

When Uthoai’s wife Mamaching Marma protested, the settlers beat her with wood sticks.

She was admitted to Upazila Health Complex with multiple injuries.

The local Jumma villagers said the land that the settlers are claiming to be their own are registered in the name of two Marma villagers and they have been in possession of it for generations.

‘Settlers are trying to occupy this land forcibly with the support of an influential Bengali individual’ the alleged.
News No.162/2015

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