Army tries to foil religious ceremony in Panchari

Saturday, March 12, 2016

THE army on Thursday, March 10, attempted to foil a Buddhist religious ceremony by arresting a participant and volunteer to the event in Panchari, Khagrachari.

However, hundreds of people gathered for the event resisted the army attempt and the army were forced to release him in the end.


According to sources, Buddhist devotees on Thursday organized Garitana in honour of Rev. Ananda Pala Mahathero, abbot of Amara Kanon Buddhist temple in Nalkata, who died on February 2.

(Garitana is an event undertaken in honour of a deceased person who performed meritorious deeds and commanded respect among people while he/she was alive. During the event a Gari or chariot is made with wood and bamboo and then the participants pull it from two opposite directions)

Thousands of devotees, men and women, took part in the event.

At 4 pm, a group of army personnel from Panchari zone went to the venue of the event and tried to arrest Sushomoy Chakma, who was working as a volunteer there.

The Buddhist devotees resisted the army, forcing them to leave him, sources added.

However, the soldiers snatched away his mobile phone and his money bag along with Taka 9,435.

News No.20/2016


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