Jumma businessman hacked to death in Betbunia


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A JUMMA businessman named Usha Pru Marma was hacked to death in Betbunia, Kaokhali Upazila on Tuesday, March 15, according to sources.

His killer, Noor Alam, 37, who is also accused in the murder of a Bengali youth killed couple of months ago in Lungi Para, fled the scene immediately after the murder and is still at large.

On the day of incident, Usha Pru Marma, 54, a resident of Lungi Para village, went to Noor Alam’s elder brother to pay money for some trees he had contracted to buy earlier, his father Pothoai Marma told chtnews.com.

“Noor Alam had told Usha that he would not let him cut down the trees, which led to a heated exchange of words between the two,” Pothoai Marma said citing eyewitnesses.

At one stage Noor Alam, son of Md. Hashim Ali of Kadalpur in Rawzan, shouted ‘I am a killer’ brandishing a dao (machete) and hacked Usha to death, he further said.

According to him, the actual reason for the killing might be the fact that Usha was a witness in the Bengali youth’s murder case against Noor Alam, who might have thought that Usha’s deposition might lead to his conviction in the case.
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