Settler youth arrested for attempted rape in Langudu

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Villagers of Manikjore-chara handed over a Bengali settler youth to the police after he attempted to rape an 8-year-old Jumma girl in Langudu, Ramgamati district on Tuesday, March 15.

According to the villagers, Jainal Abedin alias Abu, a fish trader from Bhaitya Para, entered the house of Chandra Bihari Chakma and tried to rape the girl who was alone, with their parents away at a wedding party.

However, the girl struggled and somehow freed herself from her would-be rapist and then ran to his uncle to let him know of the incident.

On the basis of her information, her uncle and other villagers nabbed Abu and then handed him over to the police.

Mohammad Jafar, SI of Langudu police station, went to Manikjore-chara village and arrested Abu.

The victim’s father filed a criminal case against him under Suppression of Women and Children Repression Act with the police.
News No.23/2016


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