Settler attack on Jumma village leaves one house burnt in Alikadam

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A GROUP of rowdy settlers carried out an attack today on Masterpara village in Alikadam in the southern CHT district of Bandarban, setting fire to three houses and pelting Jummas with stones.

However no one was injured in the organized settler attack.

According to sources, the attack took place at 5 p.m, on Tuesday April 19 after janaza, a Muslim religious service, held for three Bengali cattle traders who are believed to have been killed after abduction in nearby Thanchi Upazila.

The law enforcement agencies did little to prevent the settlers who walked about a kilometer to launch the attack on the Tripura village, the sources added.

One of the houses belonging to Motirang Tripura, an assistant teacher of Amtoli Government Primary school, was completely burnt down, while the other two houses the settlers set fire to could be saved from total destruction.

The settlers also made attempts to vandalize other houses in the village and pelted the villagers, who tried to resist the attack, with stones.

Earlier on Monday, the settlers had beaten up a Tripura couple in Alikadam bus terminal following the news of the recovery of the lifeless bodies of the three Bengali cattle traders who had gone missing a few days ago.
News No.35/2016


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