Two Jummas arrested by police in Manikchari

Friday, April 22, 2016

THE POLICE have arrested a village chief and another Jumma villager in Manikchari of Khagrachari district in what many believe as an attempt to scare the Jummas out of the tomorrow’s Union Council elections.

Kongjori Marma, 60, Karbari or chief of Mongoli-para and Ubaching Marma son of Uggojai Marma, a resident of Lapaidong-para were arrested in connection with a conspiratorial case filed earlier with Manikchari Thana after late Abul Matin’s empty house was gutted by fire on April 15.

Abdul Matin’s two sons Bhanu Mian and Bashir Mian had filed the case against Jumma villagers in the area.

However many believe that the burning down of Matin’s house and the arrest of the two Jummas today have something to do with tomorrow’s UP elections.

‘Of the six candidates for the membership of Ward No. 5 in Manikchari Union, five are Bengalis, leaving the only Jumma candidate with a greater chance to win,’ a high school teacher said adding that the burning down of Matin’s empty house was nothing but a conspiracy to exert psychological pressure on the Jumma inhabitants to keep them away from the voting centres.

Another Jumma, who also wished to remain unanimous for security reason, told ‘When we went to the police station to plead for the release of the arrested Jummas, the OC said the SP himself had ordered their arrest.’

After a lot of debates, the police finally agreed to release Ubaching Marma.
News No.37/2016


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