Jumma girl raped in Belaichari


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD Jumma girl has been reportedly raped in Orachari village under Farua Union of Belaichari Upazila, Rangamati district.

The incident took place on Sunday night when a group of army personnel led by Warrant Officer Mizan from Farua army camp raided the village.

‘Two soldiers entered the victim’s house saying they would search it, and when they entered they forced her parents out of the house and then one of them raped the girl while the other stood guard at the door.’ one villager told chtnews.com citing victim’s father.

‘The girl cried for help, but nobody could do anything to save her.’ he added.

When the villagers complained to commander Mizan about the incident, he told them that he would punish the offending soldier after enquiry but warned them not to tell the matter anyone.

News No. 09/2018


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