Four UPDF activists arrested in Khagrachari

Monday, January 22, 2018

FOUR activists of the United Peoples’ Democratic Front (UPDF) were arrested by army from Alutila Punorbashon area as they went there to prevent illegal rock extraction by unscrupulous businessmen.

‘UPDF activists were preparing to hold a meeting with the villagers to raise consciousness about negative environmental impact of rock extraction from streams and rivulets when the army encircled the area’, a UPDF leader told

‘Apparently, those involved in the rock extraction business might have tipped the army off about the presence of the UPDF activists’, he added.

The UPDF members – Robi Joy Chakma, Mishon Chakma, Anupom Chakma and Rupok Barua – were tortured badly and then handed them over to the police.

The army placed guns in their hands to show that they had recovered firearms from them.

The arrested UPDF activists are now being treated at Khagrachari Sadar Hospital for injuries they sustained from torture.
News No. 08/2018


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