Army raid in Khagrachari: one beaten, houses searched

March 09, 2018, Friday

ONE Jumma was beaten and two houses searched during an army raid in Khobongpujya in Khagrachari town on Wednesday night.

The raid came after the people resisted an army and police attempt to capture UPDF office at Swanirbhor and implant the army-backed vigilantes earlier in the day.

A group of 70-80 army personnel and police conducted the raid at 1:30 a. m. (Thursday, 8 March).

They searched the houses of Ziko Tripura, General Secretary of the Democratic Youth Forum, and Rupok Chakma, a resident of Khobongpujya, according to sources.

Ziko Tripura’s wife Duli Rani Tripura told, ‘The soldiers searched every corner of the house, throwing things on the floor.’

The army asked their school-going son Promish Tripura where his father hid his pistol and money and threatened to take the boy to take to the zone headquarters if he did not divulge the truth, she said.

‘The army has taken away taka 5,000 and a mobile phone set from my purse and books and documents belonging to my husband,’ she added.

The soldiers rousted Shubhopriyo Chakma, 55, owner of Petjuroni restaurant at Swanirbhor bazaar, from bed, took him to the nearby police post and beat him.

The army army also searched Rupok Chakma’s house and stole Taka 3,000 from his wife’s purse.


News No. 28/2018


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