Upazila chairman injured in terrorist attack in Khagrachari

Chuncu Moni Chakma

July 13, 2018, Friday

Khagrachari Sadar Upazila chairman Chanchumoni Chakma has been wounded in a terrorist attack in Khagrachari town.

He was first admitted to Khagrachari Sadar Hospital with serious head injuries, but was shifted to Chittagong Medical College Hospital when his conditions deteriorated.

The attack, believed to have been carried out by army-backed JSS Reformist group, took place in front of Khagrachari press club in the heart area of the town.

The attackers pelted him with brickbats and struck him in the head with sharp implements, according to eyewitnesses.

By-standers, who witnessed the attack, caught four of the attackers and then handed them over to the police.

Chanchumoni Chakma’s family and UPDF have blamed the army-backed JSS Reformist group for the attack.


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