Reformists kidnap one in Khagrachari

July 13, 2018, Friday

The army-backed JSS Reformists kidnapped Kalayon Chakma from Khagrachari Sadar Hospital as he went there to receive his slain elder brother, Gyanendu Chakma’s body.

According to eyewitnesses’ accounts, Kalayon Chakma and other family members were at the hospital, waiting for his brother’s body to be handed over to them after postmortem.

‘Around 10:30 15-20 Reformist thugs came and abducted Kalayon from in front of the police, who were guarding the hospital,’ an eyewitness said, adding the police did nothing to prevent the kidnappers.

Another elder brother of Kalayon and Gyanendu Chakma’s wife and children were also there, but they fled from the hospital in fear while Kalayon was being led away.

The miscreants took him to Tetultola in Khagrachari town, sources said.

Gyanendu Chakma, a UPDF activist and resident of Jadugonala village under Kyang-ghat Union in Mahalchari Upazila, was gunned down on Thursday by JSS Reformist group in Alutila, Khagrachari.


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