House searched in Ramgarh

July 16, 2018, Monday

The army and police searched a house in the village of Morakollya under Ramgarh Upazila on Sunday while its owner Shruti Mohan Chakma, 37 and his wife were away to their jum field.

‘At around 9 a.m. a group of army men from Batnatoli camp arrived in two jeeps and encircled Shruti Mohan Chakma’s home,’ a villager who witnessed the army operation told CHT Watch.

Later police joined them from Ramgarch Thana, he added.

Shruti said, ‘When my wife and I came back home for lunch, we found it in a mess – the door and the windows open and things damaged, strewn and scattered all over.’

He also said that the security forces had taken away taka 2,800 and his wife’s national ID card as well as helped themselves to their fruits.


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